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Hertfordshire's Premier Acupuncturist & Physical Therapist
Norfolk Road,

'A-MA-ZING... How I felt after my treatment. 

It was like I'd been put back together again, properly. Thank you so much.' - 

Andy Crawford, Croxley Green 

Sarah Peel is a highly skilled Japanese therapist with over 9 years clinical experience. Her practice promotes calming and rejuvenating treatments.

Some could say certain characteristics are meant for specific jobs and with a caring nature and the urge to partake in physical movement running a busy clinic seemed inevitable.

A long background in martial arts, spiralled into a 5-year devoted study of acupuncture, joint manipulation and subtle energy movement, which continues to shape the daily practice of promoting free painless movement and homeostasis.

It is thanks to the systemic approaches of five elements, Japanese acupuncture, Dr Chu, Tung and Chinese acupuncture and the ongoing scientific research that gives acupuncture it’s well-earned reputation of today.

Nearly 10 years has been dedicated to finding a profound balance between eastern and western medicine which has been gained through Lotus institute, Brad Whisnant, Dr. Daniel Keown, Wim Hoff, Eckert Tolle, education of Taoism, The Yellow Emperor’s classic and countless research and studies from clinical trial and The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Dr Massaki Hatsumi, Qi gong, yoga and street dance provided deep, ongoing insight into how to tune into the energy that is the gateway to moving our anatomical body. Long may the mission continue to share what has been received, taking you into a relaxing, peaceful place and into a sympathetic state, releasing feel good hormones, making you feel free, comfortable and safe.

Providing treatment for clients from Hertfordshire and surrounding areas such as Moor Park, Watford, Northwood, Amersham, Chesham, Rickmansworth, The Chalfont's and London.

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75 minutes £65

90 minutes £80

105 minutes £95 

Receive a discount by block booking; 5 treatments for £300

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Chestnut Clinic School

Japanese Physical Medicine 


PNF (Propriceptive neuromusclar faciliation) stretching


Spine and Joint Correction 

Ligament Fluid Driving

Cranial Correction

Sports Medicine       

Remedial Exercises


Gu Sha

Deep Tissue Massage

Anma Massage

Visceral Massage

Finger Palpation

Pulse diagnosis 


Nutrition advice                                                   

Holistic Insurance 

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75 minute treatment: £65

90 minute treatment: £80

105 minute treatment: £95

Receive a discount by block booking; 5 treatments for £300

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