How acupuncture and herbal medicine help infertility

Infertility affects one in six couples and unfortunately for a (¼) quarter of cases the routine tests show no answers, and the cause of their infertility is unexplained. Initial trials for the effectiveness of acupuncture in infertility, however, have shown benefits in some cases. Success stories on the internet and word of mouth increasingly applauding acupuncture, attributing it to their success for pregnancy, mean more and more people are looking to acupuncture for help with infertility.
Acupuncture increases the white blood cell production in your body which positively impacts your immune system. As immunological factors and adverse immune responses are associated with infertility, using acupuncture to boost your white blood cell production will support functions to help you to conceive.
Clinical trials suggest that those with insulin resistance and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) suffer from the inability to ovulate, resulting in infertility. Establishing whether you are suffering from these disorders will assist your acupuncturist in giving you a targeted treatment. Whether you have the disorder or not, according to the results that arise does not rule out blood, qi and phlegm stagnation which all contribute towards infertility.
Acupuncture promotes homeostasis which means if you are targeting acupuncture for infertility the holistic effect will also be increasing your spleen and liver health, improving the function of the organs that produce insulin and your hormones.  
In western terms the aetiology, pathology and prognosis may be known or unknown for your disease. Characteristic signs and symptoms point towards disease, disrupting the normal functioning of organs and systems. Regardless of what is understood about your condition in western terms, the eastern view and practical approach to your condition is different.
Acupuncturists approach health using the Five Element theory and by understanding the roles of the organs, blood, physiological and internal processes. The effect acupuncture has on the nervous system, where the brain is the headquarter, will have a stimulating effect on the endocrine system and the digestive system. The vessels open during acupuncture, promoting the functioning of the cardiovascular system, muscular and respiratory system.  
A 16-week study with 384 patients was conducted to investigate acupuncture, infertility, PCOS and insulin resistance. The patients were split into 2 groups with one group undergoing pre-treatment of acupuncture and 4 cycles of letrozole. The other had no pre-treatment of acupuncture and 4 cycles of letrozole. Results found that the acupuncture pre-treatment group had a higher birth rate than the group only using letrozole.
Conditions such as dysmenorrhea, pelvis pain and hormonal imbalances can have an impact on your chances of conceiving and these same diseases have improved or been eradicated time and time again in women throughout 10 years of clinical practice in acupuncture and natural medicine.
We know 21st century social and dietary habits including stress, depression, anxiety, excess alcohol and caffeine consumption, cigarette and drug use, high body mass index, poor exercise and lifestyle choices contribute to your ability to conceive. Until the day our tests are more intricate, and our theory is more detailed, acupuncture is the tool which will assist ¼ of women in their journey to conceive. Acupuncture will support your detoxification process, giving you the space to put your priorities into place and gain perspective on what you need to focus on.
Followers of The Tao advocate making a trail mix consisting of equal parts dried cranberries, walnuts, sesame seeds, longan fruits and cashews as nutrition for infertility.
To share another effective way to help change your symptoms welcome herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has shown in clinical research to increase the production of white and red cells, helping to support women with weaknesses and deficiencies after menstruation. Certain herbs are used in formulas to stimulate the immune system, enhancing the macrophages activity and further increasing the white blood cells.
Evergreen herbal collection has formulas for endometriosis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, female infertility, pelvis pain, varicocele, masses, benign tumour and fibrocystic disorders in the lower abdominal region. Crafted by experts from experience derived results and using a gentle transaction to turn the ingredients into an easy to swallow capsule packed full of vitamins and minerals.  
Herbal formula, Resolve Lower, has therapeutic actions to treat female infertility caused from obstructions in the uterus and ovaries which assist in healing cysts and fibroids in this area. There is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action to relieve pain and swelling association with gynaecological disorder.
According to traditional Chinese medicine abnormal tissues diagnosed as ‘blood stasis and phlegm stagnation’ are the gynaecological disorders referring to abnormal growth of tissues found in areas of the body.
Herbal formulas are designed to activate blood circulation, remove blood and phlegm stagnation, warm the abdomen and relieve pain. Working with an herbalist will help you to achieve the best outcome as your condition needs to be monitored, recorded and tweaked according to the results.
Evergreen have developed a series of formulas for the different phases throughout menstruation. During ovulation, the primary treatment strategy is to help the eggs mature and promote ovulation. The luteinizing hormones encourage ovulation which kidney yang tonic herbs help to stimulate.
To encourage the movement of the egg into the fallopian tube herbs can be used to increase the blood supply to the ovaries, inducing the contraction of the muscles pulling the ovaries closer to the fallopian tubes.   
The theory is here, now is the time for you to put what you want into practice.

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